What is our Mission?

Women-Drivers.com is transforming the car industry to create accessible, trustworthy, and consistent experiences for women customers. Using reviews by women, we help cultivate extraordinary commercial interactions that create lasting relationships between car dealerships and this powerful consumer segment.

What is our Purpose?

By amplifying women’s voices, we connect them to Certified Trusted Dealers, providing access to businesses that value trust and transparency. The reviews and analytics elevate and improve the customer experience.

Why track Shopping?

An estimated 819 vehicles are purchased by women at an average dealership. * This number does not include the hundreds if not thousands of customers that came into the dealership or went online. By converting just 2-3% of these shoppers to buyers, an average dealership’s sales increases by $2 – $3 million. *

How many times does a woman come into your dealership and say “just looking”? She may ask questions, maybe she takes a test drive, then leaves the dealership and is never heard from again. Do you know that 60% of women who do not buy a car on a given day, won’t return to that dealer? Shopping is a key and frequently unknown aspect of the auto business, because it is not tracked.

Gain access into what you don’t know about why these guests are leaving your store and how many. Also, find out what can be done to improve the experience. The Women Satisfaction Index® big data analytics will give you insight into your very own guest and customers – and provide you new opportunities to educate your team on how to convert these shoppers to buyers.

*According to NADA Data

What are the criteria for being a Certified Trusted Dealer?

A dealership must have ten (10) reviews to qualify. A rating of 4.0 or higher indicates that this dealer has the reputation of being trusting and fair with women and has earned its Certification. The dealership must continue to get a minimum of four (4) reviews each month to maintain its Certified status.

For each review written a rating is auto-calculated and posted. Ratings range from a 5.0 (Excellent) to a 1.0 (Marginal). Each review will appear under one category – Purchasing, Shopping or Service Drive. Scores fall into these ranges:

  • 5.0 – 4.5 EXCELLENT WSI INSIGHT™ score
  • 4.49 – 3.8 GOOD WSI INSIGHT™ score
  • 3.79 – 3.0 AVERAGE WSI INSIGHT™ score
  • 2.99 – lower MARGINAL WSI INSIGHT™ score

What motivates women to go to a Certified Trusted Dealer?

Women have many options to buy a car today. Women report the #1 reason they choose a dealership is TRUST – yes, trust is even more important that price. What does your front line team do and your store provide to showcase trust?

Today women use reviews 50% more than men – they are interested in fast tracking where to do business and saving time.

A Certified Trusted Dealer rating indicates that this dealership has earned the trust from women buyers. Women are listened to, spoken respectfully to, and enjoy a fair and equitable buying experience here – consistently. The higher the WSI INSIGHT™ score, the higher the number of women who will visit your store.

What motivates a dealership to be Certified Trusted?

Being identified as a dealership that women trust is something every dealership wants. Women are the decision makers and alone, are purchasing 46% of all cars at new car dealerships. If a dealership provides superior service to its women customers and guests, it will provide that same level of service to all customers.

Business is competitive. Being ear-marked as a Certified Trusted Dealer serves a dealership as women shop at highly rated dealers first. Conversely, not being recognized as Certified Trusted can have women skip over your store. When women enjoy their dealership experience it results in her buying there, making referrals to friends and family, leaving higher scoring reviews and CSI scores, and having higher loyalty and retention.

How do we get more reviews from women at our dealership?

Ask, Ask, Ask.

  1. Hand out the “Review Us Cards” to women and ask them to post a review. Say something like: “Thank you for visiting us. Please go to Women-Drivers.com and write a review about your visit. Your feedback helps us improve our customer experience.” This shows transparency and demonstrates your store is family friendly and focused on the decision-maker.
  2. Ask women with smartphones to write a review on the mobile app while she has a few extra minutes waiting for her new car or in the service drive. Reviewers can upload selfies with their new car which helps enhance sharing potential and engagement. #tagyourdealer
  3. Create an “out-bound” affinity program using links to your positive dealer reviews. When the BDC receives a quote request or inquiry from a woman, link to the dealer review page to show how comfortable and trustworthy your store is.
  4. Use eblasts to ask women to rate their last visit in the past 30 days.
  5. Companies like Podium and Friendemic are great to work with. Ask your local rep to give us a call.

What’s with the emoji’s?

We unveiled an industry-first by allowing users to choose from five emoji’s when reviewing their dealership. It’s a quick, expressive and fun way for them to further convey their feelings.

How do I add or correctly list my dealership?

Use our contact form to request to add your dealership, or, simply email us at info@women-drivers.com.

Who are our ideal Dealer clients?

  • Dealers who know that women are powerful buyers & decision-makers – and marketing to them is good business
  • Dealers who are committed to providing extraordinary service to all people
  • Dealers who know the power of digital marketing, social media and consumer reviews
  • Dealers who are able to expand their own beliefs regarding the women’s market
  • Dealers who know that a satisfied customer will return, and will also refer their family and friends
  • Dealers who understand that customers prioritize being fully respected, comfortable and satisfied with their experience over getting the absolute lowest price
  • Dealers who are interested in third party analytics that can increase their CSI scores

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