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Women’s Wednesday #91: How Did We Do?

Posted: March 20, 2019 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

As a part of your toolbox for improving the customer experience and reputation building, reviews are an inexpensive method of ROI. Here are 7 tips to build a review platform that invites women to buy and service their car at your store.

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Women’s Wednesday #55: How Your Dealership Can Capitalize on Emoji’s

Posted: November 9, 2016 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Last time, we discussed how imperative it is for your sales advisors to recognize, understand and empathize with the emotions of each buyer. Discerning emotions can impact the approach and the sale. And this, readers, directly influences your dealership’s reputation! Women & Reviews: A Closer Look Women-Drivers Certified Trusted Dealers have a 92% Satisfaction Rating which […]

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Women’s Wednesday #53: Have you earned your bragging rights?

Posted: October 5, 2016 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Does your dealership brag about your reputation? Do you constantly explore new ways to improve your interactions with customers and employees? Brag Boards Women rely on reviews 50% more than men and especially like reviews by other women. Reviews act as your 24 x 7 brag board by letting others hear the voice of your […]

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Women’s Wednesday #29: Poor Service Review? How it’s Handled is Key to Your Success | Chrysler 300 Ltd. Review

Posted: July 22, 2015 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

So, you’ve received a poor review from a woman customer. Now what? First, remember poor reviews will happen. Someone will be unhappy with your dealership at some time. The same happens to Starbucks, Apple and Nordstrom. As long as the poor reviews are infrequent, they really are good news. Why? Customers expect to see a […]

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Women’s Wednesday #18: 7 Ways to Leverage Sales to Women and Increase CSI Now

Posted: October 29, 2014 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

See It In Action! Advertise with W-D Certified Logo In today's Womens Wednesday, we focus on selling to women. Let's get real: Research indicates that women rely on reviews 50% more than men. They account for 52% of the vehicles purchased in the US and influence over 80% of the total purchases! So developing a […]

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Women’s Wednesday #13: Your Reputation – Are You Leaving $6M on the Table?

Posted: August 21, 2014 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

The Latest in Women Buying Cars Today’s Women’s Wednesday we are focusing on the up$ide of reviews and what they really boil down to with women shoppers, prospects and buyers. While you know that women buy almost half of all cars purchased and influence even a much higher number, are you aware of the real […]

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Women’s Wednesday #7: Women’s Reviews – Accelerating Sales at Your Dealership

Posted: May 28, 2014 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Today’s Women’s Wednesday focuses on women’s reviews, and why they MUST be a critical, daily and intentional component of your business practice – both with the sales team and in the service drive. As the #BigDataAuthority on women’s dealership experiences, we have shared that this powerful buying segment will purchase 27 million cars at new […]

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Women’s Wednesday #3: Relevancy of Reviews – Timing is Everything

Posted: April 2, 2014 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Welcome to Women’s Wednesday! Have you ever walked into a store or visited their website and seen an award that says “Voted #1 in 2010”?   Doesn’t that beg the question and make you wonder what happened since then; who has won it this year?   This situation can be likened to when car dealers have a […]

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Women’s Wednesday #1: Are You Optimizing Sales With Women?…Really?

Posted: March 5, 2014 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Welcome to the inaugural Women’s Wednesday blog. As the leader in connecting women+families with Certified car dealers, look for brief educational tips and nuggets from us to weave into your sales and service practice to expand your sales to women. With our deep vertical expertise, we are here to assist with suggestions to make doing […]

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