As the leader in connecting women+families with Certified Trusted Dealers, we provide educational blogs and tips to weave into your sales and service practice to help improve your sales. Each blog offers best practices in different department areas with suggestions to make doing business with women a core value and natural expression at your store.

Women’s Wednesday #93: White Paper: Industry Guide to Sales & Retention

Posted: January 22, 2020 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate
Since 2015, women have purchased 38 million new cars for themselves at franchised auto dealerships. As a leader, what steps are you taking to capture your share of this consumer? A resounding 46% of women nationally report that they visited an “average of 3.2 dealerships” when buying a car. This number is two times [...]

Women’s Wednesday #92: How are Women’s Brains Wired?

Posted: April 03, 2019 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate
When a woman shops at your dealership, do you know what she is thinking? Do you know what is important to her? While that may seem impossible, reports and data show surprising consistency and practicality in their thought process. Consultants can benefit from understanding what really matters to this ever-growing segme [...]

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