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Reputation & Certification

Reputation & Certification

Buying in an environment of trust is the top reported reason women purchase at a dealer; price is 5th. Be a Certified Trusted Dealer and use our free communication platform to engage your largest market segment who is looking for relational experience, not a transactional one.

How does your dealership stand out? Use authentic, peer reviews to showcase a new buying experience at your brand.

Predictive Analytics SurveySpark® Subscription

SurveySpark® Retention Platform & Predictive Analytics

Improve retention at your dealership with customized surveys that reveal new customer preferences, experiences and behaviors. This feedback loop of 25-30 questions impacts your bottom line by putting a spotlight on gaps and missed opportunities.

Receive monthly performance reports to showcase actionable insights and trends to leverage your valuation all by asking the right questions.

Free Web Content

Free Web Blogs

The engaging, lifestyle content is educational and adds value to the consumer experience. Visitors stay on the site longer while improving search performance.

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