Being distinguished as a dealer that women trust is simply good business. In short, it’s an indicator of how the dealer treats all customers. The economic benefit of our platform is dealers achieve a 5% increase in revenue by focusing on this trust-based certification. It equates to an increase in $1.5 Million1 annually to women each year per rooftop. This blueprint generates an increase of $19 Million2 in customer lifetime value to these new customers with their repeat purchases, referrals to friends and family and social media.


Women use reviews 50% more than men. When researching, buyers take this natural step to locate dealers that care most about trust, respect, and providing an unbiased experience. Reviews by women for women demonstrate this, and our logo communicates a welcoming culture.


Certified Trusted Dealers need ten (10) reviews to qualify, with a score of 4.0 or higher. To maintain this status, get a minimum of five (5) reviews or more each month. Dealers are rated on a scale of 5.0 (excellent) to 1.0 (marginal) for Purchasing, Shopping and Service and fall into these ranges:

  • 5.0 – 4.5 EXCELLENT
  • 4.49 – 3.8 GOOD
  • 3.79 – 3.0 AVERAGE
  • 2.99 – MARGINAL or LOWER


  • Once your dealership is signed up, you’ll automatically be sent customized “Review Us Cards” for both your Sales & Service Advisors as part of your LOYALTY PLEDGE. The PLEDGE promotes trust by encouraging feedback through reviews to further build confidence in your brand.
  • This transparency shows your openness to improving the customer experience. Convey your ask like an invitation – “Thank you for your visit with us today. Please go to and write a review about your experience. Your feedback and rating are important to us. It helps everyone see what kind of a store we are and the service that we provide. Thank you.”
  • Ask women with smartphones to post a review while she has a few extra minutes waiting for her new car – or, while in the service drive. Reviewers can upload selfies with their new vehicle which helps enhance sharing potential and engagement. #tagyourdealer
  • Reputation management companies like Digital Air Strike help dealers with their reviews and are easy to work with. Ask your rep to get in touch with to begin increasing your sales market. Receive the API to showcase posts and ratings from your women buyers and influencers today.
  • When your BDC receives a quote, include a link to your dealer review page to show how trustworthy and comfortable your dealership is, as reflected in reviews by buyers and guests. Let customers know you are a Certified Trusted Dealer and “why buy here”.


  • Dealers who ‘get’ that women prioritize being respected, comfortable and in a trusting space more important than price
  • Dealers who know that women are powerful buyers and decision-makers – and marketing to them is simply good business
  • Dealers who wants to grow their market share
  • Dealers who understand that using new data is key to retention and providing an elevated experience
  • Dealers who know that a happy customer will return – and, will also refer their family and friends


Social responsibility is more than community service; it’s about serving the community you market to. Consumers buy from dealers because of their value-propositions, or, said another way, because of promises and services that are attractive.

Build credibility with the little things that matter most to women and demonstrate it from sale-to-service.

  1. Loaner Cars: 67% of women surveyed request their dealership have loaner cars3 when going in for a service repair or warranty work. Provide them with this service and they will remember your brand. Women should not have to arrange another transportation source or wait at the store for hours.
  2. Childcare: 1 in 4 women surveyed in dealers service department requested childcare4
  3. 1 in 5 women buyers surveyed request childcare when purchasing a car5
    The ‘child play area’ at dealerships is not the same as childcare. Did you know that 1 in 6, or 16% of moms miss appointments because of a childcare breakdown6. Childcare provides families the opportunity to give their undivided attention to the buying process.

Knowing your dealership is reliable all the way through from sale-to-service provides comfort and convenience. Having loaner cars and childcare increases loyalty with your brand. Creating an inclusive, trust-based environment and experience is simply good business.


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1. The typical dealer sells 770 total vehicles to women each year. With this certification, increase sales by 40 units on average, plus service drive revenue.
2. Carl Sewell, author or ‘Customer for Life’, equates the lifetime value of a customer to $517,000 with repeat purchases, referrals, and social media; multiplied by 40 new buyers.
3., 2020
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