How Women Rate Fixed Ops Follow-Up Communication by OEM

Posted: May 19, 2021 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Did You Know? 25% of women defect annually from their dealer’s fixed ops dept due to communication inconsistencies. That translates to an avg. loss of $1.03M in sales.


Let’s take a closer look at these numbers and what they really mean. Below, showcases the latest 2021 Women’s Fixed Ops Trends on the percentages of women reporting by brand and where they had zero follow up after their service visit. Not even the obligatory CSI, review ask, let alone a ‘thank you’, or educational blog. Some of these numbers are staggering.

Follow up stats

Below are the national responses highlighting women’s communication preference. On WD’s continuous survey that comes after reviewing the dealership, a question appears asking the reviewer their communication preference.

With about 70% preferring email and phone calls, this might be an inefficient way to get in touch with your clients.

Preferred communication stats


  1. Consider, women get a lot of emails, and yours could sit in her in-box for a long time.
  2. Spam – customer never gets your email at all.
  3. Phone call – there’s wasted time attempting to reach clients this way. When they don’t pick up do you leave a message? Do you call back? How many messages are appropriate to leave?

Of course, some of your customers are not going to budge from email or phone.


  1. The quickest and most direct way to communicate with them is with text.
  2. Make the ask to convert them to text and the advantages of this service. Have a cascade of communication preferences. If you don’t reach them one way, go another route.



  1. SMS will improve loyalty and retention with this market.
  2. Keep texts relevant and short.
  3. Let customers know that you will be using text. Get an opt-in.
  4. Be sure your dealership is recognizable and is identified on her phone
  5. Watch boundaries, don’t always be selling.

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