Improve Conversions: 7 Ways to Highlight Your Convenient Factors

Posted: June 9, 2021 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

All dealerships are experiencing the pinch of the chip shortage. Inventory is down and consumer interest is up. With the 2020-2021 crisis, dealers transformed how they sold vehicles during the pandemic.

This article is about taking the steps to let your shoppers know your dealership has new ways of selling today, and what that entails.

Did You Know: The #1 source women research when buying a vehicle are car dealerships' websites1.

With so many guests coming to your site, share the actions you have put in place to make the process convenient, trusting, and welcoming. Share that you have evolved and adapted. women with cellphones

S-P-E-L-L it out for your guests and customers; they have no idea what services you offer:

  • Don’t hide your great services under “About Us” – nobody looks there but you
  • Use sliders above the fold to showcase services
  • Have “Convenient Services” listed in every BDC email response
  • Show ID Callout or Icons on the home page

Highlight Your Convenience Factors

  1. Home Delivery Services – Test Drive, Sales and Service: Customers love these. Women are trust and convenient buyers.
  2. Return Policy: Offering a return policy gives car buyers peace of mind. Be competitive.
  3. Concierge Overnight Vehicle: Two-thirds of your fixed ops customers are women and 70% of them want an overnight vehicle2 when theirs is getting repaired.

    PRO TIP. If your dealership provides overnight vehicles, make this a part of your sales pitch. It’s a huge competitive advantage. Don’t keep this information for buyers to know after the sale.

  4. Reputation and Peer Reviews: 92% of consumers trust peer reviews. How is your store helping women locate your dealership while they are shopping for a car? Women want relatable, trusting reviews in a quick manner and they want them from other women. Encourage guests to look up your exceptional ratings on

    PRO TIP: As a Certified Trusted Dealer, get a free BDC template email with a link to showcase and showoff your dealer review page and reviews.


  1. Easy, Online Finance Approval: Allow your buyers to get prequalified and complete the paperwork digitally in a safe, secure manner.
  2. 5-Star Service: Make your service department part of the sales pitch.

    PRO TIP: For those that are “just looking today”, offer a tour of your service center and communicate that you provide loaner vehicles which are women’s #1 requested concierge item. Welcome guests, offer a beverage and if possible, wash their car. By putting forth variations on the above, shoppers will buy from you because they were provided a standout walkthrough and had an upsell experience.

  3. On-Site Auto Insurance: Only 9 out of 100 car buyers report that their dealership offered an auto insurance policy according to a 2019 Dealer Policy Survey. An estimated 80% of car owners pay too much to insure their vehicles. Dealers can be seen as real solution providers by offering car insurance, while improving revenue.


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