2012 Top Pittsburgh Car Dealers as Rated by Women Buyers

Posted: February 15, 2013 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

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Dealerships are Rated and Rewarded for Best Experience by Female Buyers

PITTSBURGH, PA- As many Western Pennsylvanian car dealer principals arrive home this week from the National Automobile Dealers Association in Orlando, they have amassed a wealth of new strategies and ways to grow and market their business. Here in Pittsburgh, Women‐Drivers.com is a car dealer rating website that helps make car buying easier for women by connecting them to CERTIFIED Women‐Drivers Friendly™. The company has released the top car dealerships in the Pittsburgh region – the list is based upon the cumulative Women Satisfaction Index®, or, WSI, of consumer reviews written in 2012.

  1. Kenny Ross Chevrolet: 4.96
  2. Sewickley BMW: 4.89
  3. The New Team Kunkles: 4.88
  4. Monroeville Chrysler Jeep: 4.80
  5. Shadyside Honda: 4.80
  6. Pleasant Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram: 4.73
  7. Waynesburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 4.72
  8. Lexus of North Hills: 4.65
  9. South Hills Chrysler Jeep Kia: 4.60
  10. Dean Honda: 4.51
  11. North Hills Toyota: 4.51
  12. Day Apollo VW Subaru: 4.45
  13. Imports by Day: 4.42
  14. Morrow Chevrolet Kia: 4.42
  15. Morrow Ford: 4.41
  16. Day Ford: 4.34
  17. Shultz Ford-Lincoln: 4.33
  18. Billco Mazda: 4.24
  19. #1Cochran Buick GMC: 4.21
  20. Jim Shorkey Kia: 4.17

The value for dealers is that their CERTIFICATION comes from authentic consumer reviews. Being CERTIFIED gives the dealership a competitive marketing advantage. These dealers are getting more walk-ins and referrals because of the free SEO these reviews receive. Reviews also feed into a dealership’s Facebook page attracting more social interaction, reach and Likes.

“We truly appreciate the time our customers take to share their feedback and are proud that all of our six dealerships are Certified Women-Friendly,” said Gwen Lewis, Founding Director of Online Operations for the Ron Lewis Automotive Group. “Our Pleasant Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership has close to 100 reviews posted on women-drivers.com, citing real life experiences that provide valuable insight into what it’s like to purchase a vehicle with us.”

How do Consumers and Car Dealers both benefit?

Dealerships would be wise to pay attention to the shifting trends of the auto buyer. Moms now wield $2.1 trillion each year and over one-third of wives out earn their husbands. However, 30% of female car buyers are single. The car dealership experience is changing, as research shows that women buy half of all new cars, and influence up to 80% of car purchases. Typically more loyal than men, women request 65% of the mechanical service work done at dealerships. Yet, for many women, going to the dealership to buy a car is not an experience they look forward to. Women-Drivers.com connects this powerful group of buyers to dealerships that are already treating women respectfully and fairly.

“The days of consumers thinking that they need to buy a car at the dealership where it will be serviced – typically, closest to their home, is no longer valid. When spending an average of nearly $31,000 on a new vehicle, we advocate that women+families travel a few extra miles to have a great experience at one of the top rated dealerships,” noted company President and Car Buying Advocate, Anne Fleming.

What Are the Criteria for Being a Certified Women‐Friendly™ Dealership?

A dealership must have a minimum of ten reviews to qualify, and receive at least two (2) reviews each month to maintain the CERTIFIED status. For each review written, a rating is posted with scores ranging from a 5.0 (Excellent) to a 1.0 (Marginal). Each review falls under one of three categories: Browsing, Purchasing or Servicing. A CERTIFIED Women‐Friendly rating of 3.8 or higher indicates that a dealership has earned the trust and reputation of being fair, trustworthy and service‐oriented towards women.

About Women‐Drivers.com Women‐Drivers.com is a marketplace connecting women buyers to trusted Certified Women‐Drivers Friendly™ Car Dealers and encourages extraordinary commercial experiences and lasting relationships between these two groups. Women‐Drivers.com is a producer of highly engaging Facebook women+family content and publishes a platform of integration services that build social communities for car dealers. The Company provides innovative web‐based marketing solutions that build trust and transparency, resulting in greater sales and servicing from women. Follow on Twitter @womendrivers.

For more information contact Anne Fleming at anne@women-drivers.com or 412.327.2604

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