2014 Top Brands as Rated by Women when Servicing their Vehicle

Posted: April 28, 2014 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

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PITTSBURGH, PA – There is more to winning a lifelong customer than just closing a car sales deal. Delivering the ultimate customer experience is what makes car buyers – especially women buyers, who are very loyal – come back to dealers for all their auto related needs like servicing, repair and maintenance.

A new 2014 report published by Women-Drivers.com reveals the top brands as rated by women when servicing their vehicle. The findings are based on the Women Satisfaction Index® scale. The WSI scores shows women car servicing experiences at different car dealerships on the scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the perfect WSI score.

According to the findings, Mercedes received the highest WSI score among women when it came to servicing their vehicles, scoring 4.92. Compared to other car brands, women said that they received far better service at Mercedes dealerships. Mercedes is followed by BMW and Lexus, securing the second and third spots on the servicing chart respectively, rounded out by Honda, Volkswagen, Buick, Nissan, GMC, Subaru and Dodge in the 10th spot.

Here are some insights that were unveiled in this report about women when it came down to their experiences in the service drive:

  • 85% received an estimate prior to work being completed
  • 76% were satisfied with the car’s cleanliness after service
  • 78% say they would recommend the service department to friends and family
  • 3 of 4 reviewers plan to return for future service
  • However, less than two-thirds reported not receiving follow up communications, a lost opportunity for dealers to provide educational tips and stay connected with their customers, post visit

Tips to Ensure Women Get Service at the Original Dealer

Forty-two percent of women report that they no longer go to the service department where they purchased their vehicle. Here are some tips for dealers to ensure women come back again and again – and don’t go to another dealership’s service lane.

  1. Provide Ultimate Respect– Giving respect to women coming in for servicing is important to ensure a satisfied, returning client. Dealerships that provide respect and treat women graciously build a great rapport with them which lasts for a longtime.
  2. Key Concierge Services– The number one requested concierge item is a courtesy car. It comes across as a caring gesture to women from the dealership’s end. It shows that the dealer understands the inconvenience it may cause to the customer when the vehicle is undergoing maintenance and repair.
    Other services like Wi-Fi/TV, café and play area for children also help delivering quality dealership experience while women wait at the service drive. By providing quality concierge services like these on the repair area premise, allow women to relax and keep their children busy.
  3. No Threatening CSI “Requests”– Careful about strong arming your clients with comments that may sound threatening regarding service CSI’s. For example: “Leave all 5’s or call us first before submitting the review” or “Leave all 5’s (because I’m not supposed to tell you this), but I could lose my job if we don’t get all perfect scores.” This can feel to a customer like they are being taking advantage of and land as completely inauthentic. Instead, hand the customer the CSI email form and tell them you appreciate their honest feedback as well as their business – both make a difference.

By doing so, dealers can easily add value to their services and ensure a growing customer base including an increase in returning customers and referrals because of core business values.

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