2016 U.S. Women’s Car Dealership Report

Posted: February 9, 2016 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

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Timely Insights from Progressive Dealerships

PITTSBURGH, PA – Women-Drivers.com shows, in the company’s third annual report, that progressive car dealerships make a difference in the experiences of women and families.

The information in the 2016 U.S. Women’s Car Dealership Report is drawn from over 4,000 women’s reviews and opt-in surveys. Using the reviews, Women-Drivers.com generates a Women Satisfaction Index® (WSI Score), ranging from a high of 5.0 to a low of 1.0. The surveys are used to delve deeper into women’s shopping, buying and servicing experiences. .

This information is specifically generated from dealerships certified through Women-Drivers.com based on the customer reviews. These progressive, forward-thinking dealers use the company’s platform to improve sales and service experiences for their women customers. Dealers who participate in this program continually evaluate the responses they receive to ensure they maintain high scores, knowing that women rely on reviews almost twice as much as men.

“Unlike other 5-star review sites, we give women the opportunity to write quick reviews and then opt-in to a 25-question survey, which 9 of 10 women participate in,” said Anne Fleming, President of Women-Drivers.com. “Our platform empowers women to respond in an authentic and productive way, helping certified dealers evaluate and improve the customer experience. The consumer intel and data helps these dealers take the guesswork out of marketing and selling to women.”

Certified Women-Drivers.com Dealers receive an average satisfaction score of 92%, which is 23% higher than non-certified dealers. Women rely on reviews 50% more than men, so having positive ratings has a direct impact on a dealership’s bottom line. Sixty percent of women who leave a dealership without buying, never return. On average, women will visit two dealerships prior to buying a car.

The 2016 report also shows what is important to women when shopping, buying and servicing their vehicle. Equally important, the report shows why women leave a dealership without buying or choose to service their vehicle at another location.

“Automobile sales remain very competitive,” continued Fleming. “Women have a variety of options when shopping for a car and have an array of information available. Women represent more than half of the car-buying market. It is always in a dealer’s best interest to understand how women shop, and tune their strategies to maximize this buying segment’s interest.”

Here are more examples of the invaluable information found in the 2016 U.S. Women’s Car Dealership Report:


  • The WSI for car shopping was 4.40 (out of 5.0), and 91% of women reported the sales person was respectful and friendly. Eighty-nine percent of women were satisfied with the overall dealership visit.
  • Women shopped alone 57% of the time. Eighty-five percent would recommend their sales person.
  • The dealership’s web site is the top research destination for women buyers, and 33% of women visited the dealership’s Facebook page.


  • The Purchasing WSI was 4.76 and 95% of respondents were satisfied with their purchasing experience.
  • The top five purchased brands were Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln, Dodge, Chrysler and Volkswagen.


  • The WSI for the service drive was 4.55 and 92% of respondents indicated it was easy to schedule their service.
  • Sixty-one percent of women use their original dealership for service work.
  • Reasons for not using their original dealer for service included: dissatisfaction with a previous visit, unhappy with the treatment they received and an inability to resolve their issue in a satisfactory manner.
  • The top requested concierge service was, once again, a courtesy vehicle if their vehicle needed to stay overnight.

Note: The research results are from 4,034 women’s reviews and opt-in surveys from participating dealers. The results are compiled into the Women’s Satisfaction Index® and WSI Data and Findings. Some brands are not represented in the report due to small sample size.

About Women-Drivers.com – Women-Drivers.com is the premier car dealer review site focused on women and their families. It is a marketplace connecting women buyers and trusted Certified Women-Drivers Friendly© Dealers. The Company also provides ground breaking data and analytics through the Women’s Satisfaction Index to better understand the experience this buying segment has at car dealerships.

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