What Women Want to Know When Considering A CPO Purchase

Posted: February 13, 2013 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

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PITTSBURGH, PA- Women-drivers.com Today’s woman CPO car shopper doesn’t just want to buy a car. She wants a pain-free, fun and empowering car buying experience. When she enters your showroom, the first thing she’ll want to know is who she’s dealing with. If you are friendly, knowledgeable and listen to her, you’ll gain her trust. That’s the thing about trust – it can be created with someone in literally, two minutes. But don’t expect it to be established with the proverbial “What can I help you with today?” standby. Ask questions, get over there in her world and if treated fairly and respectfully, she’ll reward you with a purchase and her loyalty. Ultimately, she wants her relationship with you to be at the heart of her car buying experience.

Here are six things a woman car buyer wants to know when considering a CPO car purchase and six sales strategies to help you help her realize why a CPO car from your dealership is an optimum purchase.

1. Finding A Quality Car That Meets My Needs

Women CPO shoppers want to know about the cars you have on with these key features in mind:*

  • Fun, easy and enjoyable to drive
  • Practical and economical
  • Great look, great style, great design
  • Little or no major repair costs
  • Comfortable and roomier than most cars
  • Safe, reliable and fuel efficient

*Women-Drivers.com Women’s Satisfaction Index, Dealership Scores, Overall Metrics Report, Fall 2012

The Sales Advantage

In addition to knowing your own inventory, study the competition and know who they are by make. model, and MSRP Compare their CPO cars with yours, and identify the specific features in your own CPO cars that are comparable to the ones listed above.

Then follow this simple sales approach: 1) determine first what the woman car buyer needs; 2) sell her on the features that matter most to her; and 3) highlight the key benefits of buying a CPO car so she knows what she’s getting and how it’s going to benefit her and her car-buying experience.

2. Finding A Quality Car That Meets My Needs

Many women car buyers want to know about luxury cars or the best model on the lot. For them, it’s about looking good and feeling good, it’s about status and prestige, and, it’s about the experience of owning one. With a CPO car, women can purchase a luxury vehicle that they might never afford to buy new.

The Sales Advantage

Align your sales efforts to what appeals most to the woman car buyer considering a luxury CPO purchase – safety and creature comforts. Expound on standard safety features like anti-lock brakes, side airbags, rear view camera, and tire pressure warning systems. Explain to her that standard warranties on luxury cars and what is included. Appeal to her love of creature comforts like heated and reclining

3. How To Get More Car For My Money

Women car buyers want to know the details on a factory-certified warranty. Warranties afford them the opportunity to go to the dealership and have an experience like the one they would have if they were buying a new car. They don’t want the headaches or hassles that come with repairs and maintenance and many are willing to pay more for quality assurance and peace of mind, just so long as they know what it’s going to cost them upfront.

The Sales Advantage

Review the warranty agreement with the woman car buyer carefully. Explain what is covered, for how long, and whether there is a deductible. Help her weigh the value of what she’s getting in exchange for the higher price ($750-$3,000). Provide comparable prices of cars of the same year, make, model, and similar mileage and condition that are certified and not certified so that she can determine for herself if she’s getting her money’s worth. She wants to feel comfortable in making this decision, not being taken advantage of, so provide her with tools to help her choose. On average, if interested, she’s willing to pay around $1,400.

4. A Solid History Of Safety Performance

Women car shoppers want to know how safe the vehicle is and what the independent safety ratings are. In a recent study by LeaseTrader.com, all but five percent of 500 women surveyed said their car’s safety performance, functionality and the car’s incident history were their top concerns. These women want to know that the CPO car they buy has been thoroughly inspected and has a solid history that will stand the test of time on the road. CPO cars eliminate risk and provide better value for the woman car buyer. They feel they’re getting a “like-new” car with new car-like peace of mind.

The Sales Advantage

Request to see the actual inspection report completed by your factory-trained technicians. Obtain the vehicle’s car history from companies like Car Fax.com and check for flood or frame damage. Review both reports with the woman car buyer. Take her out on the lot and show her the kinds of things to look for on an inspection – scratches, dings, leaks, stains, rust. Be upfront with her if you see significant wear and tear or any kind of body damage.

5. Show Me The Perks

Women car buyers want to know they’re getting the best deal for their money. The idea of buying a previously owned vehicle with lots of new car perks has great appeal to them. They will respond well to and want to take advantage of the incentives you offer them. Some of the most popular perks include:

  • Free oil changes
  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • Free car washes
  • Trip planning services
  • Member Rewards Card with points accrued in the service lane toward next purchase
  • Shuttle service or concierge car

The Sales Advantage

Determine which incentives make most sense to your dealership financially, as well as look at the perks that appeal most to your buyers. You can educate your customers and give them an idea of what these incentives cost the average car buyer – however you are providing them at no cost. Help her see what she’s getting when she buys a CPO vehicle – services and amenities that she wants but couldn’t afford otherwise. Sweeten the deal with perks like free state inspections, free car wash, and car detailing.

6. Let’s Make A Deal

Smart women car buyers know how to negotiate and they want to know that you will negotiate with them. They’ll come equipped with everything they need to negotiate a good price and terms for their CPO car. Confident in their negotiating skills, they will keep to their price range and target price to themselves until the time is right and will attempt to keep their old car out of the negotiation until the price of the new car is settled.

The Sales Advantage

If similar cars are available at lower prices in other dealerships in town, consider she knows that also. Set up an internet cubicle or “kiosk” in the showroom so that both of you can look at other dealer websites in the area for price comparison purposes. Educate her (don’t attempt to convince her) that you are there to help her get the best possible price – and, value.

Make sure she is aware of and understands all cost details, large or small, in the sales agreement, including tax. Remember this is her purchase and she has every right to the information, and will appreciate being provided this most important information in a professional and upfront manner.

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