Women-Drivers.com updates Mobile Site Design with Emojis

Posted: August 11, 2016 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

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Women Can Now Show How They Really Feel

PITTSBURGH, PA – With the choices of car dealer review services today, and the highly competitive business climate, Women-Drivers.com provides car dealerships an innovative marketing opportunity to distinguish their business to women buyers.

This important business sector is influencing 85% of vehicle purchases. Further, in 2015, women buyers reported that 45% were purchasing the car by themselves. With an increased participation of dealers and reviewers alike, Women-Drivers.com continues to make its website and mobile platforms more relevant to both.

The company has unveiled an industry-first by allowing the user to choose from five emojis when reviewing their Purchasing, Shopping or Service Drive experience. “Emojis are used everywhere and are a quick way of expressing feelings. This supplemental feature allows women to share their overall dealership experience,” said President Anne Fleming. The emojis are:

Other New Features include:

  • Snap a selfie and #TagYourDealership
  • Top Certified Trusted Dealers come up first in zip code search
  • Simple to access reviewer’s dealership
  • Easy to use interface to read or write a review

About Women-Drivers.com
Women-Drivers.com is the premier car dealer review site focused on women+families. It connects women buyers to Certified Trusted Dealers. Sixty-two percent of women customers are not confident buying a car. Women-Drivers.com provides innovative solutions including reputation management, website content, and advanced Women’s Satisfaction Index® data and intel for dealers and OEMs to better understand women’s experiences when Purchasing, Shopping and Servicing their vehicles.

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