StreamingSurveySpark® Retention Surveys

The Path to Retention is Amplifying Women’s Voices

Woman writing a review on computer and phone

StreamingSurveySpark® is a subscription-based survey service for dealers participating in the review platform. Subscribing dealers have access to the 25-30 extended survey questions, data and trends.

Unlike Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), the enhanced surveys report on customer experiences, behaviors and preferences and gives a differentiated assessment of the consumers’ visit. Get monthly performance feedback that shines the light on trends to improve retention and revenue.

The Suite of Surveys™ are focused on various topics to assist your dealership, including:

  • Fixed Ops
  • Service Contacts
  • F & I
  • Sales & Insurance

1 in 4 women do not return to their dealership because of inconsistent delivery of communication. What would getting actionable insights that shift this outcome be worth to you?

  • Become aware of unexpressed experiences at your dealership.
  • With our platform, reviewers opt-in to surveys to share deep dive assessments.
  • Choose a customized survey to discover roadblocks and opportunities to impact your revenue.


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