Top 2021 Auto Brands As Rated By Women When Purchasing

Posted: April 7, 2021 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

When Purchasing StatsWomen are the quickest path to retention at car dealers. To get there, however, they need to purchase a vehicle from your store. Participating car dealers generated over 5,570 reviews with the average score of 4.79 or 95.8%.

Participating dealers from the top brands* on the graphic to the right had the highest purchasing scores rated by women when car buying.
*Brands are listed in alphabetical order

Why This Matters
Trust is the top reason women purchase at a dealership. Price is important, but consumers know they can find a vehicle within a narrow price range in their local market.

Why should she buy from you? Is your messaging still price-centric? How does your messaging resonate with this demographic?

Free Review Platform to Improve Retention
How are you connecting this market to real-time, relatable reviews? FACT: Women use reviews 50% more than men.

Having a free review platform for women helps them save time by reading relatable, authentic reviews and locate dealers that deliver an exceptional experience.

We connect dealers to more buyers by showcasing exceptional peer reviews and providing high-quality blog content. Buyers are looking for relational experiences before the visit. We are the specialists to help you standout, so customers take new actions and visit your store first.

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