Top Brand Fixed Op Scores | Is Going to Your Service Dept Like the NFL Draft?

Posted: April 21, 2021 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Most dealerships work to get reviews and scores to show off their Sales. How does your dealership showcase exceptional experiences in fixed ops, warranty and the body shop? How are you resolving issues?

Women, Dealers and the NFL Draft
For many women, going to the dealer can be like the NFL draft. All the metrics, data points and reviews don’t show how a dealer retains that customer or acquires new ones.

Depending upon the conditions of your staff and the interaction, the experience of how that customer felt, will carry the day. In that moment, your reviews don’t matter. What matters, is the experience.

Many star football players were not selected in the first or second round. However, when given tools, training and the opportunity to get there, they got to the top of their game.

Fixed Ops StatsParticipating dealers from the top brands on the graphic to the right had the highest fixed ops scores rated by women in fixed ops*.
*Brands are listed in alphabetical order

Even so, here’s what women report: 1 in 4 experience inconsistent delivery of communications and defect from their dealership. gives dealers innovative tools to improve retention. We spotlight new metrics and experiences about women auto consumers. Unlike Google and Dealer Rater, our reviews and surveys tap into the nuances of the fixed op experience. These insights delve into behavioral trends that lead to improving retention.

Be a destination dealer and elevate your market with a review platform that speaks to women + families.


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