Women’s Wednesday #10: The Top Rated Car Brands by Women: How does Your Stack Up?

Posted: July 9, 2014 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Today, our Women's Wednesday focuses on the ranking of the top 20 auto brands, as of July 1st, and how they are rated by women car buyers.

After analyzing the car dealer reviews written by women when purchasing a vehicle from January through June, the information below summarizes the top 20 brands by Women Satisfaction Index® scores on a scale of 5.0 (perfect) to 1.0 (lowest). The average WSI® for all brands is 4.72 during this time period.

1. Mercedes-Benz – 4.98
2. Volvo – 4.96
3. Lincoln – 4.89
4. Dodge – 4.88
5. Mitsubishi – 4.87
6 & 7. Chrysler & Jeep – 4.86
8. Buick – 4.84
9. Volkswagen – 4.83
10. Lexus – 4.82
11. Chevrolet – 4.80
12. Ford – 4.79
13. Audi – 4.78
14. Toyota – 4.74
15. Mazda – 4.72
16. GMC – 4.71
17. Honda – 4.70
18, 19 & 20. Hyundai & Nissan & Subaru – 4.68

Did You Know?

3 in 10 women are apprehensive about their car dealership visit when buying a car. In fact, 20% feel downright overwhelmed. Top rated dealerships get the critical importance of establishing trust with their female clients the moment they walk onto the showroom floor or reach out digitally. It is the only thing that matters to her. Price is secondary. If rapport and respect cannot be immediately established, she will buy a vehicle elsewhere.

Congratulations to dealers that are using the Women-Drivers.com Certification to distinguish and market their store! They are selling more cars and their WSI® shows how satisfied – how happy – women are when buying their car.

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