Women’s Wednesday #28: Summertime is Service Time | 4 Tips to Get Women in for Service Drive Check-ups

Posted: July 22, 2015 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

The July 4th weekend has passed, and summertime travel is in full swing. It’s a busy time for your women customers, but also the best time for them to have a safety and service check-up. Here are 4 tips for bringing your women customers into your service center.

Did You Know?

The #1 requested item from women in the service drive is a courtesy vehicle? Be sure to provide this and delight your customer when the service work needed on the car will require it to be in the service drive for an overnight or two.

  1. Safety first. Offer content on your web site outlining the need for a summer safety check. Explain what services are recommended and why. No woman wants to be sitting with her family alongside the road waiting for a tow truck or service vehicle.
  2. Offer specials. Create a Summer Service Special targeted toward woman and families. Include a gift basket of summer travel items, including games for the kids, sunscreen and a small first aid kit.
  3. Get the word out. Advertise your service specials on Facebook and your social channels so women clients can share them with their friends.
  4. Think convenience. Women may be trying to juggle work, kids out of school and family vacation planning. Adding a service visit may just seem like one more thing to do on a never ending list. Make your service lounge area extra comfortable for summer visits, so her time is more like a welcome break. Be sure to offer games for the kids, too.

Watch the Latest Service Drive Today Video for Anne’s Tips on What Female Customers Are Looking For 

Summertime is a great time to remind your women customers that you are there for them, helping to make their vacation safe, comfortable and convenient. Providing them a summer service special will be something they can add to their list of pre-vacation tasks year after year.

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