Women’s Wednesday #48: 8 Steps to Be the Destination Dealer for Women

Posted: May 18, 2016 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Take new actions to implement these steps and be the Destination Dealership for Women. Really. Here are 8 ideas that will drive business and your bottom-line:

1. Engage each one of your female ups in a respectful manner, or they will walk out the door and not be heard from again. Begin tracking how many convert to sales each month.

2. Add visuals such as people-oriented photos that show the true demographic of your customers.

3. “Warm-up” your store and service lounge with aesthetics including artwork, paint and flowers.

4. Enhance the lounge area to provide extra comfort and amenities so customers can be productive or simply relax and enjoy the wait. Not everyone wants to watch the “news.”

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5. Utilize a digital-to-showroom strategy. Start in the comfort of their home, because dealers websites are the #1 place women go first. So, have an attractive website with reviews written for and by women. Adopt a web-rooming strategy with web content building confidence and trust.

6. Adopt a strategy of “evidence-driven reputation” in your advertising by using scores and reviews to boost confidence in your dealership.

7. Enhance your advertising to sell more than cars – sell your dealership, and your trust. Don’t forget the dollars that come after the sale. A car sale should be the start of a long relationship of trusted service, leading to your woman shopper’s next car purchase.

8. Learn to walk the walk when it comes to women shoppers and the strategies necessary to engage women in a long-term, trusted relationship. Hire a Diversity Executive Director to lead and direct the changes necessary to market to your demographic.

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