Women’s Wednesday #56: Top 17 Items on Womens New Years Wish List

Posted: January 18, 2017 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Below are the top 17 items on women’s New Year’s list when it comes to car dealerships and the service drive for 2017. Here’s an opportunity to add some new options to market and engage to the growing car drivers and buyers and expand your business.

At The Dealership

  1. Buying a car in a relaxed, zero pressure environment.
  2. Child care made available during the test drive and negotiation process.
  3. A 3-day return program which instills a boost of buyer confidence.
  4. Sales advisors with high emotional intelligence who have the capacity to recognize buyers’ emotions and guide the process accordingly.
  5. Privacy when buying a vehicle. Preferably one that doesn’t include old grey cubicles.
  6. A warm sales environment with aesthetics including artwork, paint, plants, and graphics portraying a balanced demographic.
  7. A more balanced demographic among sales and service advisors.
  8. Current, easy-to-find, authentic reviews showcasing how the dealership interacts with women buyers.
  9. Dealers that offer seminars on the latest car technology, insurance savings, mobile apps, and other useful information.
  10. Home and workplace test drive delivery.
  11. Complimentary child car seat seminars and fittings. Talk about building customer loyalty.

In The Service Drive

  1. Longer service hours to accommodate working women.
  2. Yoga or work out room while waiting for car to be serviced.
  3. Mobile repair dealership that will come to customers’ homes to do oil changes, put snow tires on, etc.
  4. Loaner vehicles for women. This is the #1 requested item by women.
  5. Kid-friendly play areas, café areas, and wifi are all huge perks.
  6. A stop-in-anytime pass for free car washes. Great loyalty builder.

Engage More Women in 2017

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