Women’s Wednesday #58: Women’s #1 Digital Destination is Your Website | 7 Ways to Engage

Posted: April 5, 2017 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

An estimated 8 million new cars will be bought by women this year. It is critical that dealers’ websites cater to this substantial segment of the market.

The good news? The #1 digital resource women report using first is their local dealership’s website. In our 2017 US Women’s Car Dealership Report, 76.3% of women said it was “helpful or informative.”

7 Ways to Attract More Women Buyers
1. Create a community/ lifestyle page, and use them to highlight your vehicles within various social and lifestyle settings.
2. Include online games in your social media platforms and link them back to your website, where users can collect prizes.
3. Create “how-to” videos for women and post them on your website and on YouTube. Focus on the owner experience.
4. Fill your website with lifestyle photos featuring diverse women and families.
5. Create engaging content that highlights the various stages of the vehicle-ownership experience.
6. Create women-centric ads that speak to what matters to women. Differentiate your dealership from the rest of the pack.
7. Highlight current dealer reviews from women, for women.

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