Women’s Wednesday #71: Trust is the #1 Factor!

Posted: March 30, 2018 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Your Trust Dashboard Part 2

In our most recent blog, we reported that trust is the #1 factor for women in determining where they buy and service their cars. Yes, there’s a direct parallel between increasing trust to increase sales. But trust can be a nebulous concept.

9 Ways to Create Trust and Convert It into Sales

  1. Track as much data as possible. If you aren’t already keeping statistics on these guests and customers, start now. This will provide feedback to see how programs are working and who falls off.
  2. Know your women customers. Encourage them to write reviews. Read your reviews with a critical eye and always thank, acknowledge, and respond to each one.
  3. Stay in contact with your guests and customers post-visit to answer their questions. Work with your sales advisors to build a trusted relationship so women are comfortable.
  4. Treat women prospects and customers with respect and use active listening to ensure that their needs are met.

Ensure that your website speaks directly to women customers. Create a friendly, inviting digital presence. Remember, your website and social media are your 24/7 sales advisors.

  • Host educational seminars and publicize the seminars on social media or in service drive reminder cards. This is a great way to continue engagement with prospects and customers.
  • Talk to your sales advisors and employees. What ideas do they have to help increase trust? Are they comfortable with the programs you’ve created? Do they feel they can implement them with positive results?
  • Include relationship-building messaging in your advertising. Price cuts or having a female spokesperson isn’t enough. Think about what’s in it for her and convey value-added benefits. Women use dealer reviews 50% more than men, and reviews influence women 3 times more than price. Include statistics about your reputation and reviews and show Dealer of the Year awards.
  • Make your service center worth the visit. A waiting lounge with Wi-Fi, refreshments, and workspace is a minimum today. Loaner cars are the top concierge item requested by women. Other appealing amenities include free car washes, oil changes and state inspections, a no-hassle return policy, and non-commissioned sales advisors. Be sure to include these in your advertising. Remember, it’s not just the price that matters.

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Increasing trust to increase sales is an interactive process that requires practice and dedication. Over time, smart dealers learn what works and can implement increasingly effective processes. Ultimately, the reward shows on your top and bottom lines.

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