Women’s Wednesday #76: Why Reviews from the Decision-Maker Matter

Posted: June 6, 2018 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Reviews are everywhere. Car dealer reviews are no exception. How can your dealership leverage reviews to maximize their positive impact and improve sales to women customers?

National research shows that women use car dealer reviews 50% more than men. Additionally, women are happy to write reviews when asked. This means that when you ask for a review, you will likely get a response/one. And, the more reviews you have, the more women will count on them to gauge the quality of your customer experience.

Good reviews are great, but “only 5 stars” can make it appear you are trying too hard or disingenuous. Bad reviews give readers a chance to see how your dealership solves problems – and how your resolve conflict. Both good and bad reviews are important to give an overall picture to your future customers and guests.

10 Ways to Make Reviews Work for Your Dealership

Women are involved in over 85% of car-buying decisions. When purchasing, these buyers prefer reviews 3 times more than advertising – as they feel it is coming from women like themselves. Savvy dealers understand that women don’t want to second guess where do business, and reviews show real opinions from real customers. Here are ways to make reviews work for your store to stasnd out:

  1. Encourage women to write reviews about their experience. Make it clear that you want to hear from them. Let them know their opinion counts.
  2. When a customer leaves a review, respond and thank them for their time. Positive reinforcement goes a long way to help others want to leave a review, too.
  3. Don’t beg for a good review. Encourage your customers to be honest.
  4. If you receive a negative review, respond immediately to help solve the problem. A woman may be shy about complaining in person, but a review provides a way for her to safely express her dissatisfaction. Welcome negative feedback as a way to show how you solve issues.
  5. When meeting a new guest, ask if she read reviews about your dealership prior to coming in. Find out if the reviews helped influence her visit.
  6. If you have a large quantity of reviews, curate them to provide a good sample of different types of reviews – not just purchasing and the service drive, but also shopping, too.
  7. Show your reviews prominently on your web site. Don’t hide them under “About Us”. B
  8. Do your research by checking your competitor’s reviews. See what they are doing right and what needs improvement. Reviews can show what customers look for and what expectations they have to set your store apart.
  9. Continually check online for references to your dealership. There are many places for customers to leave evaluations – know where to look.
  10. Use links to your reviews in BDC emails that go out, so guests can see that you openly welcome reviews and work diligently to earn women’s trust.

In a world where women buyers can feel their voice isn’t always heard, reviews are a breath of fresh air. Women can participate and know what they say matters.  Provide your women customers with a platform to express themselves freely and authentically, and see this make a  positive difference in your dealership’s bottom line.


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