Women’s Wednesday #77: Be “in the Know” About Your Women Buyers & Marketshare

Posted: June 20, 2018 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Women buy from dealers they trust, and what better way to build trust than to be an invaluable resource for everything women want to know about buying and owning cars?

Women-Drivers.com is the thought-leader in the auto industry, using evidence-based data from women’s behaviors and experiences. The company analyzes this information and produces action steps that create positive changes at your dealership. These changes build more loyalty with your largest market segment and drive more dollars to your bottom line.

Gathering and analyzing information takes the right tools and a dedication. Our company collects information from women’s reviews and the opt-in surveys they so generously complete. We then consolidate the data into timely, easily implemented solutions. These solutions include:

Research & Innovation

White papers and statistical reports to quickly advance a dealership’s understanding of why, when, and how women shop for vehicles. Timely research papers answer questions like:

  • What can sales advisors do to increase the loyalty of women customers?
  • Should sales approaches differ based on age groups? Do millennials shop differently than baby boomers?
  • What are the critical factors to women when they are shopping for a car?
  • How can my dealership implement changes that make a real difference to my guests, build conversions and the bottom line?

Innovation and Research Reports

Women’s Wednesdays

Each Wednesday, a new educational article reveals current research and solutions for improving customer experience and dealer reputation, effective digital marketing, and how to drive more business to your service lane.

Women’s Wednesday Actionable Articles


Knowledge is power, but implementation of knowledge is the key to success. Women-Drivers.com shows dealerships how to convert knowledge into actionable steps that drive positive change.

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