Women’s Wednesday #78: How Trustworthy is Your Dealership?

Posted: July 11, 2018 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Women make a full 45% of new consumer car purchases—that’s no small market. And when it comes to making these purchases, this market tends to consider much more than just cost. Price is definitely a component of their decisions, but emotional factors such as trust of the sales consultant and dealership are much higher on the priority scale. So while providing fast service and keeping up to date tech-wise are important, you need to adopt measures to ensure your female customers and guests trust your business and team right out of the gate.

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Here’s a closer look at how some of those initiatives can make or break trust with female clientele.

Women Care About More Than Price

Women car buyers expect reliability from the company behind that purchase. They’re looking for a business that’s really trusted in the community—not just the “best” because they say so in their advertising. Women rely more on dealer reviews, personal recommendations and word-of-mouth advertising when narrowing choices. To cater to that, dealership advertising should mention reputation and a trustworthy customer experience. Post reviews on your home page and Facebook page.

Women—Especially Those with Children—Want Convenience

Over 65% of moms1 say convenience is of “extreme importance” to them, so help women feel comfortable at your dealership. How can you do this? Offer comfortable lounge areas with a variety of magazines, free Wi-Fi, kids play areas, free car washes and courtesy vehicles in your service department. These important items cost a dealership minimal dollars, but help to earn huge amounts of trust and respect—and retention.

Women Often Take a More Open-Minded Shopping Approach

Women tend to be more open-minded when buying a car, so a pushy sales approach won’t be as effective as a more relaxed and conversational tactic. Train employees that listening is the most important part of their job. Women want to be heard and understood, and to feel confident in their purchasing choice.

Now that you understand how imperative ‘trust’ is, how does your store measure up?


[1] Moms Rule Retail

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