Women’s Wednesday #8: What Women Really Want

Posted: June 11, 2014 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Today’s Women’s Wednesday is going to focus on what it is women really want when buying a car.

What Women Want, starring Mel Gibson, was a great movie about an ad executive, who, after an injury, had the ability to read women’s minds. He could do wondrous things with that power. Knowing what women car buyers want is crucial for dealerships to be successful in today’s market.

Female customers are the fastest growing buying segment. They buy over 75,000 cars a day at new and used dealerships.

Did You Know?

  1. Trust is the #1 reason women buy from their sales associate. Price is important, too, but is secondary to trust and respect.
  2. Despite the fact that there is a brand dealership closer to her home, 65% of women report they are travelling farther to another dealership to buy.
  3. Women shop at 2 dealerships before buying a vehicle. When women leave and do not buy, two-thirds do NOT return. First impressions count.

What Do Women Really Want?
While each woman has her own unique set of circumstances, needs and wishes, there are two key things they universally want:

1. Acknowledgment & Trust
Women want an empowering dealership experience so that they are fully satisfied with the decision they make without any regrets. They want to be greeted pleasantly and respectfully upon entering the dealership; not overlooked by the sales advisor – even when they say that are ‘just looking’. This gives them the confidence to proceed with this same dealership when they purchase.

Likewise, when a friendly sales advisor welcomes women, this instantly develops into a rapport. Rapport typically transforms into trust in just a moment or two. Women feel empowered when they are heard. This tends to win their loyalty and they reward the dealership with a purchase.

2. Dealer Reputation
Women want to get their buying decision right so they research a dealer’s reputation and credibility before they visit. Women especially appreciate reading the reviews and experiences from other women – it means more to them. Distinguish your dealership on more than price alone– having the “best” price is no longer the sole motivator with women.

You don’t have to go as far as Mel Gibson and put on mascara and panty hose to “know what women want.”

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