Women’s Wednesday #93: White Paper: Industry Guide to Sales & Retention

Posted: January 22, 2020 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

Since 2015, women have purchased 38 million new cars for themselves at franchised auto dealerships.

As a leader, what steps are you taking to capture your share of this consumer? A resounding 46% of women nationally report that they visited an “average of 3.2 dealerships” when buying a car. This number is two times higher than the avg. 1.6 dealers the “average consumer” visits. These statistics indicate that dealers have a high tolerance for women walking out of their store.

As an industry we pay attention to Latinos, Millennials, and Gen Z. All are critical.

Did women get bypassed?

Or, are they still considered an adjunct buyer to men? As the company that harvests 400 deep data points on women’s predictive analytics, preferences, experiences and patterns BY BRAND and BY DEALER, we see there are many opportunities. The data is the secret weapon and where the magic happens. But it require new actions.

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In this 2020 white paper, gain insights to:

  • Explore your Upsell. You’re Selling Futures, Not just Cars
  • Create a Flight Plan for Retention and an Inspiring Customer EX
  • Shift the Face of the Front-line Team to Match your Marketplace
  • Manage New Advertising Messages that Speaks to and Engages these Customers
  • Bring Inclusiveness and Diversity into your Brand’s and Store’s Culture

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