WOMEN’S WEDNESDAY #95: What’s Your 2021 Auto Brand Purchasing Score with Women?

Posted: March 17, 2021 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

When Purchasing StatsWomen are the face of consumers at dealerships today. Nationally, 45% of vehicles purchased at franchised dealers are bought by this market segment. Women-Drivers.com has extracted the data from car dealer reviews and survey scores and correlated them to the OEM’s. The graphic on the right shows the 2021 Percentage of Women who Reported Purchasing Vehicles Independently by Brand1. Further, 6 in 10 women account for fixed ops customers.

Dealers have overlooked messaging directly to women in their marketing, placing them under the umbrella of the “general population” of consumers. Competition is ruthless. It’s time to engage these buyers with a new communication platform to get their attention early in the buying process to have them visit your dealership.

Why This Matters

A 1% increase in sales is exceptional at a dealership or an OEM.

  • How would that translate in retention and revenue?
  • What roadblocks exist that stop you from achieving the national avg? Or, going beyond?
  • Do you track and measure what your volume is to this market segment?

Next Steps
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