WOMEN’S WEDNESDAY #94: National Partnership to Connect Dealers to New Markets, New Mindsets, New Money

Posted: March 3, 2021 by Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate

In this new time of digital retailing, new mindsets prevail. With change comes new opportunities.

Women buy 45% of new vehicles for themselves and account for two-thirds of fixed ops service customers at franchised dealers. Increase buyer retention with this powerful market segment by making one small change in your messaging. [cost nothing].


  • 15% of women report they will not return to their dealer’s service department.
  • 60% who leave a dealer without buying, do not return there.
  • Half of women visit an average of 3.2 dealers before buying.

Digital Air Strike, the leading social media, intelligent lead response and consumer engagement technology company, has partnered with Women-Drivers.com, the car dealer reputation platform to increase retention and sales to women + families.

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We package your message and connect you to more buyers by showcasing exceptional peer reviews and providing blog content for your website at no-cost.

Why Participate: What’s In it for your Dealership?

  • Trust, and having a welcoming, impartial experience are what women want in their dealer visit. Communicate this before they arrive.
  • Sell 50 – 60 more vehicles to women + families per rooftop.
  • Certified Trusted Dealers get free, strategic content for blogs to improve search and time guests spent on site.
  • Certified Trusted Dealers Certified Trusted Dealers have a 12% higher retention rate vs. Uncertified Dealers.
  • 9 in 10 women want to locate trusting dealers by using relatable, recommended peer endorsements.
  • The platform is free, unlike other reputation sites, that costs hundreds of dollars monthly.

All Digital Air Strike dealers have their Dealer Review Page already set up in Women-Drivers.com.

Contact us here for your GET STARTED KIT and begin getting reviews.


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