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Women buy 4.5 out of every 10 vehicles at new car dealers

That’s the good news, but did you know:

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What Drives Her Decision: Confidence, Trust, and Respect

Did you think it was only about price? Research shows that women purchase cars at dealerships where they are treated with respect, feel confident, and trust their sales advisor.

And if this doesn’t happen, she will leave and find another dealership.

Women are the #1 influencers and decision-makers when buying cars, so dealerships are looking for ways to get more women in their doors. Here’s the key – a woman uses reviews 50% more than a man. She does her research in advance to identify dealers she wants to do business with. It’s not just about finding the right car at the right price.

Want to become a destination dealership?  Our platform shines the light on experiences of women consumers – and connects them to car dealers who are engaging with women successfully. JoinWomenDrivers.com delivers Certified Trusted Dealers with the social media platform to build your reputation among women – and increase sales.

Elevate your reputation as a destination dealership to this powerful market segment.

It’s simply good business.

Craft a Culture Catered Toward Customer Experience

When thinking about business, it’s common to examine sales strategies, customer service procedures, and customer experience (CX). Less common is a review of dealership culture, which is the cornerstone that drives operations and provides consistency. It is the collection of beliefs, values, and practices that are defined at a high level and can be more obscure. When those philosophies are translated into procedure, it results in improved CX and reputation.

Marketing to women doesn’t mean using pink, having a female pitch-person, or having a manicurist on site. Marketing to women means developing solutions specialists to ensure customers trust your business immediately. Showcase digital assets where guests feel welcomed by lifestyle images from various cultures, life-stages, and demographics. Offer informative content about car buying and the ownership experience to add real value.

Enhance your message to sell more than “price” – add reviews, for and by women, to build confidence and trust.

What could that look like?