Why Women

Women have a voice, and we amplify it. Our platform shows reviews and experiences by women for women – and highlights dealers who engage in cutting-edge experiences.

Gender is a top filter of how humans experience the world. We get it, there is no universality of women. While other car dealer rating sites show a mixed bag of reviews, ours is more focused. Why a dedicated space for women? There are hundreds of companies, groups and organizations committed to serving the advancement of women’s initiatives. Having a platform focused on car reviews for women allows these buyers to be heard, to share, to be empowered, to save time, to acknowledge, and to make a difference. Women want authentic reviews. These assessments have substance, relatability, and are a litmus test of how trustworthy a dealer is.

Women buy 45% of all vehicles at new car dealers autonomously and have independently purchased 38 million new cars in the past 5 years1. Buying in an environment of trust is the top reported reason women purchase at a dealer. Reviews help to locate businesses that already have this relationship in place.

Women use reviews 50% more than men. Reviews are a key part of why they choose a dealership. Certified Trusted Dealers have a satisfaction rate of 97.1% – almost 12% higher than uncertified dealers. And that means more sales!

Would it surprise you to learn that 94% of reviewers go on to complete a 35-question survey about their Purchase, Service Drive or Shopping experience because they want the dealer to know their real experience and preference? With no incentive at all. Dealers and OEM’s gain access to the needs of this buyer in new ways – through the customized data that is tied to each dealer’s reputation.

1. NADA Data, 2018; JoinWomenDrivers.com 2017 Women’s US Car Dealership Report

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